Shakti's Story

"Shakti" - the name chosen for this bronze goddess by her creator - came through the inspired vision of then San Luis Obispo, CA artist David Van Zandt.

A painter, sculptor and lifelong spiritual seeker influenced by the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda as a member of the Sunburst community, David has long been inspired by the notion of the Divine Feminine. Around 2017 he felt called to bring the energy and essence of goddess energy into three dimensional form through the medium of monumental bronze sculpture.

Beginning with one brick of clay, Van Zandt labored for close to three years in his Central Coast California studio, slowly but steadily bringing the goddess to life in this breathtaking form.

As she evolved into something close to her final form, many that came near her began to experience a profound healing and loving energy emanating from her, and some friends of the artist began meditating with her, alone and at times in small groups, to share in the experience. It quickly became apparent that the artist had brought something special to life.

One of Van Zandt's friends, Blake Beltram, felt a special connection to the sculpture and, after having an intense dream of taking her - in bronze form - around the country on a flatbed trailer... did just that.

Beltram (who co-founded Mindbody & stepped away from the company in 2019) purchased Shakti #1, allowing her to be cast in bronze form. He soon sponsored the creation of Shakti #2, and began touring each of the awe-inspiring pieces around the west coast.

The "Shakti's Journey" tour began in late 2019, covering thousands of miles, dozens of cities, and turning countless hundreds of heads on the highways and byways of the western U.S.  Not long after the tour began, the pandemic hit, altering the course of Shakti's Journey, and the goddess took up semi-permanent guest residence in Paso Robles, California... one at Allegretto Resort, the other at LXV Winery.

Post pandemic, her purpose on the planet has never been more clear, or more needed. The collapse of the old way of being is giving rise to the new, where the divine feminine walks alongside and in equal stride with the divine masculine. This is the purpose and energy she exudes.

Current day... Summer/Fall of 2022... Shakti #1 is visiting Bliss Cafe in Downtown San Luis Obispo.  She now seeks a permanent home, where she can continue her mission to enrich the lives of all those who come to visit, sit with (or on!), meditate with, and commune with Shakti!  Only those who are in alignment with her mission and resonate with her purpose to spread the power of the divine feminine will be considered.

Serious inquiries please contact us.